About type-recorder

type-recorder is designed to accept text input from a user and to create a short audio clip of the inputted text being read aloud. This audio clip is available for the user to download and play independently - or the user might decide to use it as part of a larger audio or video production that he/she is working on.

type-recorder is a web application built using Node.js and Express 4 (and EJS). The front end is supported by Javascript, jQuery, and Bootstrap 4 (Bootstrap likely being obvious ). The synthesis of speech from text ( text-to-speech ) is handled by the Speech Services belonging to Microsoft Azure's Cognitive Services suite of tools. type-recorder interacts with the Speech Services through Microsoft Azure's Speech SDK . We hope that type-recorder proves to be a fun, useful tool!

record-type on GitHub

Nope, that's not a typo. Because I couldn't think of a better name, record-type is the name given to the Node.js module created as part of this project to interact with the Microsoft Azure Cognitive Services Speech SDK.

Check it out

Interested in building your own Node.js web application?? Check out the following tutorial on building a Node.js web application for translating text (using the Microsoft Azure Translator service) that you can launch on Heroku. Also be sure to check out type-translator, the application that this tutorial shows you how to build!

type-translator Tutorial
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